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Sell with Us

How to Sell your images?


Photographer's commission 60%, agency commission 40%

Photographer can not upload Pictures, Videos etc any where else after loading on INDIAN PHOTO AGENCY, can share only link of InPA.

for detailed t & C have a look on Seller Agreement

1 – How can I register and sell my images with you?

(1.1) It's very simple.
Click on the Members area showing the right corner of the home page.
There are Sign up / Login.
If you are a new visitor on our website, please click "Sing up" or if you are already register With us please click on "Login"

(1.2) When you click Sign up menu a new window will open: Start registration with choose as a "Seller"and fill other all necessory informations.

(1.3) If you are already a member of our website please Login with your username and password. In the case of forget your password click "forget password" we will send you a link for renew your password. You can login with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,Google and VK accounts too.

(1.4) After a successful login / signup you will reach your Profile page "MY PROFILE" Now you can click on the left side bar menu "Upload Files".

(1.5) Click on the Jquery photo Uploader then Add files :

(1.6) Then choose Rights managed menu : (In the case of Mobile Photography contributor should choose Mobile photo price chart)

(1.7) Then select the category

(1.8) After agree our tearms and conditions you can upload your photos. It will appear on My publication menu :

(1.9) Now you can click on the edit / Setting button and add each one of your photograph Title, Description and Keywords. This is very important and don't miss this step.

(1.10) After you successfully uploaded your images and wait for our approval. Approved images shown on under your My publication menu. Now relax and start more of your wonderful images and see Your commission and sales on selled photos Under My commission menu.

(1.11) Upload more images regularly. More beautiful and professional images mean more possibility for sales And good income.

2. Technical requirements :

We accepts photos and videos shot with any camera—including a mobile device for our special category only—if they meet
our technical and legal requirements as well as our quality standards.

• Submit your images in JPEG format.
• Use color space sRGB
• Minimum image resolution: 1 MP (megapixels)
• Maximum image resolution: 100 MP (megapixels)
• Maximum file size: 45 MB (megabytes) for Photos and maximum file size: 1GB for videos
• No watermarks or timestamps
• Do not Enlarge or reduce your files; submit the maximum file size that your camera can produce.

3. Title & keywords

If your file doesn't have a title or any keywords embedded, Adobe Sensei makes the process easy for you by suggesting up to 25 keywords and a title for you automatically. Read through them and edit, reorder, or remove these keywords, as appropriate. This feature is a great time-saver. If you already added keywords in Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Bridge, Photoshop, or another image-editing software, the metadata is preserved when you upload your file. You can review and edit this metadata before submitting your content.

Do not use trademarked names (examples: cocacola,pepsi,toyota , camera specifications (examples: Nikon or 12MP), or types of content (examples: vector or illustration) as keywords or in your title. For more information on keywords, see Titles and keywords.

Photographers receive between 30-50% depending on their contribution level, sales history and content. We have four different levels of royalty percentages. Simply put to earn more you have to contribute more and take responsibility for your footage.
• Gold= 50% paid to artists who are active, selling content on a regular basis with good metadata on their collections and offer exclusivity on the platform (you do not sell, giveaway or distribute in any manner your content on any other sites) Contact us for details on this unique opportunity.
• Silver= 40% paid to photographers who are active and selling content on a regular basis with good metadata on their collections and/or have 100 or more photographs on our site.
• Bronze= 30% paid to artists. This is for new Photographers joining the site with less than 50 stock photos. To increase your % please upload your best work and make sure it meets our quality and content guidelines.
Remember quality vs quantity!

4. Quality standards

For your images to have commercial value, we expect them to be:
• Appropriately lit and exposed
• Without visible noise or dust
• Well-composed
• Processed inconspicuously


5. Be careful not to spam

Select only the best images from a shoot and ensure that each submission offers something different. Don't submit multiple images with minimal changes in angle or depth, or copies of the same image with different postproduction effects applied. Customers apply their own creative effects to suit their project. Submitting multiple copies of similar or identical content can be perceived as spam by our moderation team. Spamming is strictly prohibited and may prompt us to block your account or close it permanently.