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Six years old girl dies of thirst in Thar desert

Six years old gild dies thirst 6 Rajasthan desert Jalore Rajasthan desert thar
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Six years old girl dies of thirst while walking through Thar desert of Rajasthan in Jalore Rajasthan, India, on, June 06, 2021. The girl was walking along with her maternal grandmother. The duo had decided to take a shorter route to reach their destination, which went through the desert area in Jalore. After walking for about 7 kilometers under the desert sun, and temperature above 45 degrees Celsius, the 6-year-old child could not survive the ordeal and passed away without water to drink. The grandmother also fell ill due to the heat and non-availability of water and was later found lying unconscious. Police came and gave the water, latter old woman was admitted in hospital. Video Credit: Indian Photo Agency (InPA)

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